Maxwell House Coffee

Have you noticed (not that I drink too much common coffees) that Maxwell House brand seems to be all but disappearing from supermarket shelves? I don’t know if it has had anything to do with Katrina or not but I’ve noticed a steady decline in the Maxwell House stock from more than just a couple of stores! How odd is that?

Are they taking a nose-dive? Folgers is still present and strong but that blue can is slowing fading away. I never liked it anyway but it is sort of sad to see a product that has been around for ages, take the back entrance out.

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3 thoughts on “Maxwell House Coffee”

  1. I emailed a question to maxwell house this past weekend regarding the absence of the Juan Valdez symbol on their 100% colombian coffee(as far as I know, they are the only brand{including generics}that claims 100% colombian coffee that does not have that symbol). The answer I received from them was “Juan Valdez is no longer on our MH Colombian Supreme. The product still comes from Colombian beans.” My question now is-isn’t it illegal to market this product without the Juan Valdez symbol and still say 100% colombian?

  2. I now see the maxwell house coffee cup logo on Yuban coffee jars. It seems kraft is co-mingling brand identification, maybe as preparation for some kind of product line streamlining.

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