Moderating Comments

I am so sorry but I had to set things in moderation. If you leave a comment and it is legit, I’ll approve it. I had to do it. I was getting tons of comments from much less than desirable people and their websites. It’s a shame one can not run a respectable blog or website these days without the freaking devil coming along and having his minon’s post things that any good person would not want to see. I’m sorry. This really ticks me off and nothing is more disgusting than p-orn sites and the company they keep. I could tolerate deleting the gambling comments and the prescription comments but I draw the line with the nasty crap.

9 thoughts on “Moderating Comments”

  1. I can so relate. And the thing is, they can SEE that they’re post doesn’t show up right away, yet they (and they’re spam friends) Keep Coming BACK, and putting more spam in your comments!
    Don’t they realize that they’re banging they’re heads againest a wall? /brick at that!/

  2. rotflmAO! Exactly! They know they are deleted before anyone sees them, so why, pray tell, do they bother!

  3. I think they will soon stop. It did on my one of my sites that I stopped the automatic comments on. Took a few weeks for the bots or what ever they were to figure it out.

  4. I have a question/comment. I received one of those air sucker outer machines as a Christmas gift and I put my beans in one of their jars and have been very successful with the flavor retention of the beans. Is this true or just in my mind?

  5. Btw, I wanted to add, if you’re using WordPress, install the Akismet plugin. It will weed out the spam for you. It’s done that for me so far without fail. 🙂

    And the spambots are automated, so it doesn’t cost the spammers anything to post what they do.

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