Here we go again! Yet another discovery on coffee and our health. It would seem that coffee is becoming a more valuable (asset) everyday. Now it has been found to have a nice effect on our nose organ. ermm.. our sense of smell. It appears to have a calming effect and helps to reduce stress. I know for one, smelling fresh coffee does make me feel good and calms me.

Here is an excerpt:

According to researchers at Seoul National University in South Korea, laboratory rats exposed to the aroma of roasted coffee beans experienced higher levels of activity in a number of genes, including some that produce proteins with healthful antioxidant activity.

Antioxidants are compounds that defend our bodies against cell damage caused by free-radicals. The antioxidants in coffee’s aroma are different from those contained in liquid coffee and, in effect, helped ease the stress of the rats that smelled the coffee.

Now, if I was a rat…..

Read more about this at: dBusiness News

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