Krispy Kreme Introduces the New Reduced Calorie Frozen Blends

A little while back I told you about Krispy Kreme’s frozen drink. Today I hear they’ve introduced their new reduced calorie frozen blends. Here is what they had to say about it:

Last month, we encouraged you to stop by and try one of our six Frozen Blends. We hope you found a new favorite treat. We now have some additional blends to tell you about that we do not think you will want to miss out on.

How does a smooth, refreshing frozen beverage with only ninety-nine calories sound to you? We are delighted to now offer our reduced calorie Frozen Blends in select flavors (12 oz size only, w/out whipped cream).

For those who find themselves craving something chocolate, you can not go wrong with our reduced calorie Double Chocolate Blend. Add a shot of coffee for a little extra kick and a rich _mocha taste.

And if you prefer a classic coffee flavor, than our reduced calorie Latte Blend should hit the spot! Our reduced calorie Frozen Blends are not available in all markets and participating markets may not carry all flavors.

Just thought I’d update you on that. I don’t like reduced calorie stuff ( hmm.. maybe I should ) but I know there are many of you out there that prefer them.

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