The Plug is Being Pulled on Laptop Use in Some Coffee Shops

Due to the economic downturn, many New York coffee shops are pulling the plug on laptop use by their customers. Some are limiting hours that laptops are allowed to be used, others are locking down the electric plug-ins. So what is the problem? With so many people on unemployment, coffee […]

Save Money: Make Coffee at Home

You can save around $100 per month simply by making coffee at home.  Many of us hit the road in the morning and go straight to the local coffee shop drive-through.  Spending between $2.50 and $5 each morning can really add up over the course of a week.  All of this adds up […]

Zaget’s #1 pick for Fast Food Coffee

Zaget’s has made its pick as to who is number one when it comes to fast food coffee.  No surprise, Starbucks is the winner, beating McDonalds and their McCafe’s.  As you already know, McDonald’s was hoping for the top spot.  It was not to be.  However, YouGov’s BrandIndex shows that […]

Topless Coffee Shop Girls Seek Donations

The owner of the Grand View Coffee shop, which was destroyed by an arsonist last week, plans to have his waitresses, clothed, in the parking lot of the once hot establishment, taking up donations in an effort to raise money to rebuild. They will give out free coffee and donuts. […]

Espresso Facts/Tips and Honey Bean Coffee Review by Coffee Nate

Learn about espresso and hear the taste by taste coffee review by Coffee Nate about Honey Bean Coffee.  Check out the coffee review at:

Coffee Crawl Seattle Style

Its no surprise that Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop at Pike Market Place is the embarkation point for the Seattle Coffee Crawl.  You will have plenty of energy (caffeine) to get your through the 1.6 mile coffee tour through downtown where you will lean about Seattle’s culture and history, which, of course, is rich […]

Explosion Rocks Starbucks in NYC

A sidewalk bench and window  of a Startbucks  were shattered after an explosive devise went off on the Upper East Side of NYC.  No one was injured.  Police are investigating to determine if the explosion was related to other explosions in Manhattan.  Terrorism is not expected at this time. To […]

Coffee Kiosk Robberies

Mountain Mudd has increased security after suffering a string of robberies at their coffee kiosks in Billings, Montanna .  Four robberies have occurred between April 25th and May 11th. The robberies have all occurred the same way;  the kiosk baristas are approach, a demand for money is made and then the perpetrator flees on foot.  In an effort […]