Sleepy? Drink a Cup of Coffee

Researchers have dicovered coffee helps clear your system of adenosine. Adenosine is a chemical which make you sleepy. Realizing this, they also found that when tired or sleepy, a simple cup of coffee followed immediately with a 15 minute nap would give you the best chance to feel alert for a longer period of time. You must however, take the nap right after having the coffee.

This method is referred to as The Caffeine Nap. Tests were conducted on several fatigued drivers by sleep researchers of the Loughborough University in Britain.

The article was found through Field and Stream Magazine online in the tip of the day area on the sidebar.

Evidently, the researchers used several tired drivers and compared the effects of different tests in order to determine which were more apt to help one stay awake. They found the Caffeine Nap to be the most effective method. I think I’ll try to remember that next time I’m on a long trip and need a quick pick me up.

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