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Stomping Grounds was nice enough to provide me with some of their product to taste and review and I would like to thank them. Today I’ll be reviewing their pre-packaged, all natural, espresso latte concentrates in flavors vanilla and espresso.

Packaging: The concentrate comes dressed in a very attractive carton with a sealed pour spout on the top. I loved the coffee cup image on each package with a different illusionary image within the liquid. Visit their site to see what I am talking about. Very creative.

Preparation: Simple as pie. Just peel the seal off the pour spout and dispense about 1/3 of the latte concentrate into a cup or measuring cup and top the remaining 1/3 with milk. In my own recommendation, you could also use half and half if you dare! Heat in the microwave or on the stove top (my preferred method). Or enjoy over ice for a nice iced latte beverage. Note: beverage will look like regular coffee until you add milk.

My Impression

Stomping Grounds Espresso Latte: I’ve tried this both hot and poured over ice. It is delicious either way. I am really impressed with the genuine espresso flavor. I found the drink to be very rich tasting with a wonderful creamy texture. As a matter of fact, I found it to be creamier than I would have had I ground my beans and made it using an espresso machine. I did ‘steam’ my milk a bit longer than you may wish to but if you can do this without scorching it on the stove top, I do recommend it. It will provide an even creamier feel than a microwave will. Don’t misunderstand though. Using a microwave provides a taste just as great as the stove top does. There is just a slight difference in texture.

Vanilla Latte from Stomping GroundsStomping Grounds Vanilla Latte: Oh wow! This one is great. Stomping Grounds has managed to combine just the right amount of natural vanilla flavor with the espresso blend. Not too harsh and not too faint. A perfect latte to please the palate. I did not find the vanilla to taste artificial either as I have with instant latte mixes found in the grocery store. Awesome job you’ve done Stomping Grounds!

I’d like to say that with both the Vanilla Latte and the Espresso Latte, you may wish to add a bit of sugar/sweetener but I have discovered it to be quite pleasing without any sweetener added. Either way, I highly recommend you try any flavor of Stomping Grounds Latte line. It is all natural and most delicious.

My thanks once again to Stomping Grounds Beverage Company for the opportunity to try their product. It have been a pleasure.

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  1. Hi Coffeesage Fans,

    I am the marketing lead for Stomping Grounds. We will be happy to send a free box to the first ten people who send me an email and mention that you saw this promotion on this weblog. We will need your snail mail addres, naturally, to send product.

    All we ask is that you post a review of your impressions on this weblog after sampling the product. Send your emails to


    P.S. Be sure to choose a favorite sample flavor. We have mocha, vanilla, caramel and espresso blend with a touch of sugar.

  2. I sent an email and had a response in a few days, and it took a few more weeks to receive the sample. It was a full size container of vanilla latte, and boy was it delicious. It can be mixed hot or cold, so I tried both ways.
    My favorite is hot, and I use skim milk with mine, but I am sure it is great with whole milk also.
    This is a quick easy way to make a latte.
    I will look for this product in local store, I hope they have a decaf version.

  3. Hi Rebecca! I am happy that you participated and equally as happy that you returned to let us know your thoughts on Stomping Grounds espresso lattes. I love the vanilla as well and look forward to ordering more from them. Thanks again for the return visit and for sampling their fabulous product. ~Audrey

  4. hope I qualify for the free sample!!

    thank you for your time


    EDIT: Please go to the companies site and leave your mailing information through their contact info. Thanks!

  5. i’d like to receive free sample if possible!!
    thnak you

    EDIT: Please go to the companies site and leave your mailing information through their contact info. Thanks! I removed this for your protection

  6. I found Stomping Grounds at a local World Market in the early spring. It is totally wonderful and the Vanilla one totally rivaled the Starbucks Vanilla Soy Latte I normally order. Very creamy and delicious. I just ran out of my “stash” and saw that World Market no longer had it. Tried to order it from Stomping Grounds only to find that they have apparently gone out of business! I am SO saddened by this as my morning ritual of a wonderful Vanilla Latte will no longer be! It was such a wonderful product! I really hope that they can ressurect it again one day soon!

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