Yum.. Good Coffee Out of these 3 super-caffeinated coffees, I still LOVE Shock Coffee the most! But for your reading pleasure, I will certainly mention the other two so that you too can rev-up your heart rate and suffer heart palpitations. (hmm… did I spell that correctly?)

Shock Coffee Meth Coffee Rocket Fuel Coffee

1. Shock Coffee
2. Rocket Fuel Coffee
3. Meth Coffee

If you are looking for a quick jolt then these are the one’s for you. I’ve tried all three and they all play their role well. Shock Coffee does seem to have the richest and freshest roasted flavor though and obviously that makes it more enjoyable but if you’re just after the caffeine, all will work just fine.

3 thoughts on “Super, Extra, EXTRA Caffeinated Coffee

  1. Thank you for commenting Dan. Yep! Shock is just that, shocking. lol… I just love the stuff and really enjoy the lattes too.

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