Superba Coffee – Coffee Review

superba-coffee-classic-whiteCoffee Provided by Superba Coffee,

An amazingly smooth and well balanced cup of coffee.  Each bag comes in an attractive box that is hand signed and dated by the roaster. Superba only has 2 blends Classic and Decaf.  I’m drinking Classic.

As the cup goes on, nutty and smoky notes appear, but the incredible smoothness remains constant.  This is a coffee that you might serve after a nice dinner, or treat yourself to any time of day.

Notes from Superba Coffee

This distinguished blend is roasted to a “full city” medium roast profile. It has a perfect balance of richness with deep chocolate qualities, which are slightly paralleled by light, but distinct citrus and earthy notes. This blend endures well with a wide range of preparation methods and pairs extremely well with milk and/or sugar.

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