Sweeping Up The Espresso Beans At Starbucks

Update: I have now learned that this particular store is one of those that has been closed. Could be a good indicator as to why no one ever contacted me back. hmm..

Is your espresso from Starbucks a bit on the crunchy, gritty side lately? I may have the answer for you. Isolated event, totally. So don’t run out of the store crying, my BEANS! my BEANS!

There was an incident the other day at Starbucks and I have debated on writing about it. Still, I will not say exactly which Starbucks store it is since I am yet to receive a call back from the store manager about the dirty deed. I will however, tell you the story.

A few days ago I stopped in at the Starbucks in a neighboring town. I ordered a grande coffee and they were making a fresh pot and mentioned it would be a couple minutes. No problem I say, I have to go to the ladies room anyway. So, I did.

After exiting the restroom, I stopped by the mugs and gadgets as I always do (I love them) and the espresso grinder they use is just out of site from the coffee wares. While I was in the ladies room, I heard something drop but I did not pay any attention to that at the time. Well, I looked over to the area where they grind the beans and I didn’t see anyone around. I started to make my way over to the counter when up popped the employee that waited on me holding a dust pan with, what else, espresso beans in it.

What do you think she did with those beans? Throw them in the waste? NO! She dumped them into the dispenser! OMG! I was out of view and she was not aware that I saw it. Since I had ordered coffee that I know came from a sealed pouch, I went ahead and paid for it noting the cashiers name. I called the next morning and told the manager. He said he would get back with me on the issue but so far, nothing. My next step is to contact someone higher up.

I hope this is not a regular thing going on. I’m quite certain that it is not but people you never know where your coffee has been. Do you? Post a comment if you have had a nasty mishap at any coffee shop.

Note: For the spamming cretin that insists on stopping by from time to time and leaving his/her little fatuous comments, of course I know that espresso beans do not exist and that it is simply a roasting process. You are obviously an inarticulate imbecile and I am being nice about it.

One thought on “Sweeping Up The Espresso Beans At Starbucks”

  1. Might be a great machine if it made thckeir crema. I use a clear cup. After tinkering with dozens of expert suggestions & various grinds & half a lb of burr milled Illy beans (some experts say the grinder is as important as the machine) I’m at a loss how to get better crema. The beans produce crema God Shots on my friend’s $600 Rancilio w/filtered water. Even he can’t get good crema using my Mr. Coffee. The steam wand is too short & micro foam is out of the question too. I’m returning it!

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