When Coffee May Not Mean COFFEE …

As I’ve mentioned before, I subscribe to google alerts, one of the subjects being ‘coffee blogs’ and this morning this was included in my email results:

A weblog called The Positivity Blog has inserted a post called 9 lessons I have learned from George Costanza. A must read. It is witty and strangely related to many areas of life. Give it a read. Here is the area there caught my eye:

Sometimes coffee isn´t coffee

In one hilarious scene (episode “The Phone Message”) George and a woman is at the end of a date. It´s midnight and they are sitting in his car.

She: Do you want come upstairs for a cup of coffee?
George: No thanks, if I drink coffee this late at night, it keeps me up.
She: Well, ok, good night…
George: Take it easy.

End of date.

Sometimes a cup of coffee isn´t a cup of coffee. As mentioned earlier in 18 ways to improve your body-language, words is only a small part of communication. Being open to using common-sense and experience and not just listening to words in a straightforward, logical fashion can help you improve your communication skills. And prevent situations where a bad time is had by all.

Thanks to The Positivity Blog for the laugh this morning and the quote.

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