Just a note to let my readers know that I have started a new blog for electronic gadgets and oddities. It is new so there isn’t much yet and I am but one person that can find time to write. You can check it out here –> Geekie Gadgets


4 thoughts on “Geekie Gadgets

  1. Hi Audrey! As a lover of geekie gadgets I look forward to your new review site. Any chance you’ll be able to multiple task and review coffee, coffee mugs, and gadgets at the same time? :~) Best wishes! Owen

  2. Hi Owen!

    I sure hope I can. I am going to try. I also have a blog about blogging as well but have not messed with it much since it’s demise. I lost everything but am considering starting it up again. Wish me luck! by the way…. I’m still using your mugs, daily. 😀

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