Kitties and Coffee? Welcome to the Cat Cafe!

There is wave of new coffee shops popping up across the nation, and the coffee here benefits more than your health!

Cat cafes seem to be all the rage lately.  So, what is a “cat cafe”?  These cafes are awesome! They are traditional cafes in that they sell coffee and some light snacks, but they have an access door to a whole other land, a land of precious kitties to cuddle with while drinking your coffee.  And the best part, if you fall in love with one of these kitties you can take it home!!!!  That’s right, these cafes house shelter kitties and they are adoptable.

So how does this work in general?  Of course you have health department regulations to comply with, so how is that done? The facilities generally tackle this issue by separating the food and drink preparation areas from the kitties in a separate room where the kitties have no access.  This allows the food preparation to remain sanitary.  Some of the cafes also work with outside vendors to provide snacks for their patrons.

Cat cafes allow you access to great coffee, while also providing a space for those people who are not necessarily “cat people”.  That’s right, if you are allergic to the cats you can still contribute to their little cafe sanctuary by going in and enjoying a cup of joe without entering the cat room.

Most cafes charge admission to the cat room which generally includes a specialty coffee.  This admission fee helps to support the kitties.  They have to eat too you know!

I cant’ think of a better way to spend an afternoon than to drink coffee and love on kitties.  I’m in love with the concept!

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5 thoughts on “Kitties and Coffee? Welcome to the Cat Cafe!”

  1. New trend indeed. Plenty of cat or pet cafes in my area now. I hope the cats will be well taken care of if the business is not sustainable!

  2. Christy, this is great! So I did a little Google search and found dog cafes too. What a cool way to introduce adopters to adoptees.

    Too bad I’d have to travel 300+ miles to get to either, at least the bigger cities have them.

  3. I have heard of pet-friendly cafes, but this takes it to a new level. Interesting concept. I don’t think there are any in my area, but will keep an eye out. Thanks

  4. Wonder if they also serve Civet Coffee here, Great concept having a cup of coffee with my kitty:) would be more fun

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