Seattle’s Best Coffee Building Thousands of Drive-Thru Only Cafes

Seattle’s Best Coffee is planning on building thousands of “drive-thru only” cafes. The first will open on November 21st in front of the SoDo Gateway Shopping Center in Seattle. Not only will they serve coffee, they will also serve breakfast sandwiches and mini-pies.

I’ll Have a Latte and a Hack: No Thank You!

We all do it, find our favorite cafe with a “hot spot”, sit down with our computer and work, or play, the afternoon away.  But is our daily indulgence becoming a little risque?  Maybe so! Enter the HACKER!  While we are sitting there cup deep in blissful liquid gold, some of […]

Corn Coffee Now For Sale in Manila

Daveo City in Manila now has a new coffee product being provided to the group Coffee For Peace.  Corn Coffee!!!  Farmers from Sumilao will be providing the corn coffee. “Our corn coffee is special because it’s caffeine-free, all-organic and all-natural, with no additives and no preservatives,” said Maria Carmela Sue […]

Cafe Grumpy in NY Bans Laptops

Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea, NY is fed up with extension cords being ran all over their store.  Although their Brooklyn location welcomes those with laptops and noise cancelling headphones.  The owners, Caroline Bell and Chris Timbrell have been the target of much bad publicity for their ban in the Chelsea […]