Wal*Mart introduces Real Product Opinions/Reviews by Real Shoppers

I read that Wal*Mart has now enabled the site to accept real-time reviews/opinions on all their online products. I guess if they sell it, you can review it. I am going to leave a link to their coffeemaker page and you can go from there. Leave an opinion, let us all know what you thought of a coffee gadget you purchased through Wal*Mart. We want to know!

Seems as though many merchant sites are doing this. eBay included. I think it is just good business sense.

Here’s the link:

Wal-Mart Product Review/Opinion Link See what Wal-Mart customers are saying about their selection of products!

One thought on “Wal*Mart introduces Real Product Opinions/Reviews by Real Shoppers”

  1. I have noticed the last couple of jars of maxwell house instant coffee i have purchased after making a cup it appears to have a skim floating on top. It looks exactly like an oil stain in a driveway with the rainbow appearance it really taste like crap. It is like someone at the plant is greasing the machines and getting the grease in the product.

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