WTOP says: Caffeine-Stoked Energy Drinks Worry Docs

According to CARLA K. JOHNSON Associated Press Writer for WTOP News, more than 500 engery drinks launched worldwide this year and doctors are concerned that the teenage population is getting hooked on an unhealthy jolt and crash cycle. Simmon’s Research says that 31% of U.S. teenagers claim to drink caffeinated/energy drinks. That is about 7.6 million and it is said that is a rise of 3 million from a period of just 3 years ago.

Rockstar, Red Bull, and Monster earned a whopping 3.4 billion last year. That’s an 80% growth spurt. wow! Actually, that is rather disturbing, isn’t it?

Research claims that because of these drinks containing large amounts of sugar and caffeine and in some cases, B vitamins, can cause rapid heartbeat, and numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

It is something to think about. You can read the complete article by visiting: Caffeine-Stoked Energy Drinks Worry Docs

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