This morning, I found this post on The Inspired Protagonist :

And I quote:

Science Man, is it true that the greatest release of carbon with regards to my morning coffee is due to the process of heating the water? How can I still be green with this addiction?

I don’t know but it would seem to me that we can tend to go a bit over-board. But then again, I also quote:

Even in comparison to the carbon released in transporting coffee, heating the water for and keeping the coffee hot attributes to a much greater release of carbon.

Good Grief Charlie Brown… that is disturbing. I have to have hot coffee damn it. What are your thoughts on the “Green Addiction” ?

2 thoughts on “My Coffee Melts Glaciers or…. you could commit suicide when making coffee

  1. This sounds just a bit too extreme for me…I’ve got to have my coffee hot, period. Remember that song by Joe Jackson in the ’80’s, Everything Gives You Cancer? That’s what this report reminds me of. Just my two cents worth. Owen

  2. I agree Owen! Totally. And I’m enjoying a ‘hot’ cuppa right now in one of my ‘new’ mugs. *insert proud grin here*. The review is coming by the way. A couple days and it will be up. I got held up a bit on the review I am working on waiting for some information I had to have to finish it.

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